Don't Let Panic and Anxiety Steal Your Life 
Stop Living In Fear - Start Living Life
Are you avoiding people, places and things that you feel might cause panic attacks?

Are you missing out on intimate relationships, friendships, career opportunities and other things you value because you're avoiding panic attacks?

Do you believe the thoughts, feelings and sensations that accompany panic attacks will cause you to lose control, die or go crazy?

Enroll now or read on to learn how the Life Beyond Panic course can help you regain your freedom and independence.

The Life Beyond Panic Course Includes:

Video Lessons

Over six hours of lessons and training on the nature of panic attacks, along with the skills, tools and information you can use to regain freedom.

Guided Audio

Interactive audio lessons and meditations that reinforce the course content and encourage you to put your new knowledge to use in your daily life.

Written Exercises

Uncover your values, visualize a life beyond suffering with panic attacks and use additional tools to create a solid foundation for living a full and vital life.
What You'll Learn From the Course
  • Panic Attacks 101: What happens in the body and brain during panic attacks and why
  • Costs of Avoidance: Identify the costs associated with living to avoid panic attacks
  • ACT Concepts: Learn scientific evidence-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy tools and skills and uncover your values 

Discover How to Take Steps to Regain Your Freedom

  • Urgent Tools: Learn practical skills that can help you during panic episodes
  • Long Term Benefits: Discover that a new way of relating to panic can have lasting benefits in many other areas of your life
  • Envision a Better Future: Set goals for your life based on living in the service of your values instead of living to avoid panic attacks
  • ​Willingness Concepts: Learn to be guided by your own willingness to lead a full, vital and meaningful life, with whatever shows up along your journey
Enroll in the Life Beyond Panic course TODAY for $997 just $497 ☞
Access to the information contained in this course and countless hours spent on therapy that goes nowhere could cost you thousands of dollars. We want to keep the cost well within reach for as many people as possible, so we have decided to offer the full course, including over six hours of video lessons, guided audio exercises and written exercises to help you free yourself from anxiety's grip, for just $497 for a limited time. We know that the cost is less than what many therapists charge for a single hour session, but we want to keep our enrollment fee low, because we know what a difference the information can make.

Your Course Hosts

Patrick Kelley

At age 23, Patrick developed panic disorder with agoraphobia and became virtually housebound for over two years.

Patrick shares his experiences suffering with panic attacks, as well as the tools and skills he learned along the path to a full, vital, meaningful life, in order to inspire and encourage others to do the same.

In the decades following his recovery, he has been an author, musician, stand-up comedian, athlete and successful business owner. He lives in the United States with his wife and two children.

Dr. John Forsyth

Dr. John P. Forsyth, is a highly sought after teacher and trainer in the practical use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness practices to alleviate human suffering, awaken the heart and spirit, and to cultivate living well. He is also a professor of psychology and director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Program at the University at Albany (NY).

As an active researcher and practitioner of ACT and contemplative practices, Dr. Forsyth is the author of several popular books, including "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders", "The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety", "Anxiety Happens" and "Your Life on Purpose".

Across the United States and abroad, Dr. Forsyth offers talks and keynotes to various groups and organizations. Dr. Forsyth and his wife Jamie also co-lead workshops for the public and mental health professionals on the application of ACT and mindfulness practices to empower and awaken the human spirit, promote human thriving, psychological health and wellness, and meaningful life changes.
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Learn from one of the world's leading experts on the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders.
What Influencers Are Saying About Dr. Forsyth's Work:
Praise for the Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety by John P. Forsyth, PhD & Georg H. Eifert, PhD

"Steeped in the rich tradition of psychological theory, The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety by Forsyth and Eifert represents a major advance for the practical treatment of anxiety and related conditions."

Terence M. Keane, PhD 
Director of the behavioral science division of the National Center for PTSD
Praise for Anxiety Happens: 52 Ways to Find Peace of Mind by John P. Forsyth, PhD & Georg H. Eifert, PhD

"You'll learn not just how to disarm anxiety, but how to actively utilize it to build a rich and meaningful life."

Russ Harris
Author of The Happiness Trap
Praise for the Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety by John P. Forsyth, PhD & Georg H. Eifert, PhD

"Filled with accessible and well-researched exercises and practices, this guide can free you to live from your full aliveness, heart and potential."

Tara Brach, PhD
Author of Radical Acceptance & True Refuge

Course Curriculum


Lesson #1: Video One - The Panic Attack That Changed My Life
Lesson #2: Video Two - Panic Attacks Explained 
Lesson #3: Form - The Panic Tracker 
Lesson #4: Video Three - The Incredible Shrinking Life 
Lesson #5: Video Four - The Pleasure and Pain of Avoidance 
Lesson #6: Guided Audio - Simple Centering Exercise 


Lesson #1: Video One - Reaching a Pain Threshold 
Lesson #2: Video Two - Identifying the Costs of Avoidance
Lesson #3: Form - Epitaphs Exercise
Lesson #4: Guided Audio - Panic Management Epitaph
Lesson #5: Guided Audio - Valued Life Epitaph 
Lesson #6: Video Three - My Recovery Journey 
Lesson #7: Video Four - A Different Way to Relate to Panic 
Lesson #8: Guided Audio - My Life Without Panic Exercise 


Lesson #1: Video One - Discovering a New Approach 
Lesson #2: Video Two - The ACT Approach and Lifestyle 
Lesson #3: Guided Audio - Personifying the Panic Mind Exercise 
Lesson #4: Video Three - Short Term Tools with Long Term Benefits 
Lesson #5: Video Four - Finding Your Inner Compass and What Matters to You
Lesson #6: Guided Audio - My North Star Exercise 
Lesson #7: Form - List of Values 
Lesson #8: Video Five - Identifying What Gets in Your Way 
Lesson #9: Guided Audio - Identifying Barriers Exercise


Lesson #1: Video One - Importance of Mindful Awareness 
Lesson #2: Guided Audio - Acceptance of Thoughts & Feelings Exercise 
Lesson #3: Video Two - Unpacking the Panic Monster 
Lesson #4: Guided Audio - Breaking Down the Panic Monster 
Lesson #5: Video Three - Practices to Get Unhooked from Unhelpful Thoughts
Lesson #6: Guided Audio - Leaves on a Stream Exercise 
Lesson #7: Form - Thoughts on Cards 
Lesson #8: Video Four - The Importance of Kindness & Self-Compassion 
Lesson #9: Guided Audio - Practicing Kindness with Our Wounds 
Lesson #10: Guided Audio - Walking with Self-Compassion 
Lesson #11: Video Five - Stepping Toward Your Life & Living It 
Lesson #12: Guided Audio - Life Bus Exercise 

How My Journey Can Help You
When I developed panic disorder at the age of 23, I thought my life was over. When I had moved back to my parents' house and was afraid to leave, not only their house, but a certain section of their house because of severe panic attacks and agoraphobia, I couldn't have imagined that one day I'd sit down for dinner in Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World with my wife and two children.

When I was at my lowest point with panic attacks - no job, very few friends and very little hope for the future - I didn't think it was possible that I would have a family, my own house, a successful business, or that I would ever be in a position to share my experiences and inspire people suffering with panic attacks or agoraphobia to lead full, vital, meaningful lives, but that's exactly where I find myself today.

My name is Patrick Kelley and I know the pain you're in, because I lived with it for years and I found a way beyond it. I'm not perfect. I'm as human as you are and therefore open and vulnerable to the same challenges that most of us face. I have developed skills over the years that have helped me tremendously along the way and I'm ready to share my story and the tools I use in order to help you break free from your own painful experience with panic attacks.

I'm not doing this alone. You'll also be learning from one of the world's leading experts on the treatment of panic and anxiety disorders, Dr. John Forsyth, professor of psychology and director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Program at the University at Albany (New York). Dr. Forsyth has dedicated his professional life to helping others overcome anxious suffering. He has traveled around the world, training some of the top mental health professionals on the concepts and application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He's been a featured TedX speaker and has written several influential books. 

Together, we've put together the Life Beyond Panic program, a course designed to help lead you out of the darkness, struggle and suffering you've experienced with panic attacks.

There are some courses and programs presented by either someone who has been through what you're going through or someone who has treated people who have experienced the pain and suffering of panic. What this program uniquely presents is the combination of both.

The Life Beyond Panic program offers over 7 hours of video lessons, guided audio exercises and written exercises. You'll have the perspective of someone who has walked in your shoes and also someone who has helped countless people learn how to walk a different, more fulfilling life path.       There are tools and skills in the program that can help you deal with panic attacks in the moment, as they arise, but the overall hope and intention is that you will develop skills and habits that will translate to a fulfilling life. In my experience, it is much more rewarding to live life in the service of values than to live it trying to "beat" or "cure" panic or anxiety.

Whether you’re just starting to experience panic attacks or you’ve lived with the pain that a shrinking life due to avoidance has caused for months or even years, I know what it’s like. 

You’re afraid of losing your mind or dying during your next panic attack .
You’re afraid of losing your job, intimate relationships, friends and the things you care about most. You just want to stop living in fear of the next panic attack, so that you can live with a sense of peace.
You want your freedom back - freedom to go where you want to go with people you want to be with, without looking over your shoulder or fearing the thoughts, feelings and sensations that come with panic attacks. 

You want independence. In short, you want your life back. 

I went from being virtually housebound with panic disorder over two decades ago, to living a full life and I’ve committed to helping other people do the same, by sharing my story and the skills I’ve learned along my recovery path.

Dr. Forsyth has dedicated his professional life to helping people understand and overcome anxiety and anxious suffering. He’s become one of the world’s leading experts in the study and application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

The Life Beyond Panic course combines the best of what we’ve both learned over decades and includes over 7 hours of video lessons, guided audio and written exercises, designed to help you reclaim your life from panic’s grip. If you’re like many people who suffer with panic disorder, you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on therapy, self-help books, in forums or social media groups, trying to come up with the solution to beat or cure panic attacks.

If you’re ready to step forward and trying something different and an approach that has the potential to help you make changes that will have a far reaching, positive impact on your life, I invite you to enroll in the Life Beyond Panic course now. 

Click on the Enroll Now button below to get started.
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